"Anup Phulwari"

I am from Ajmer Raj. I have a very big family includes 9 Uncles and 1 Aunt, and in all brothers my Father is the elder one. All of my uncles and Dad addicted to alcohol.

Till 5th standard I have studied from school being at home and then after from 6th to 11th standard completed from St. Martin hostel. After 11th father economic condition was not that good to carry on my hostel studies. Dad got me admission in I.T.I in welding trade, I passed it... then my elder brother separated with his wife and children’s, sisters all got married.

I and mother were all alone. I shifted to Bhatinda Punjab, and start living with sister family. Started working in national fertilizer as welder with Jija ji, all my salary I used to send to my mother. My Grand Mother got me married and after my mother came to stay with us.

After a couple of week in-between of my mother and wife arguments, tensions and fighting starts. Again I start living in more tensions of family. One day my mother in law & wife chase my mother out of house and she went back to Ajmer. I was very Sad couldn't do anything about it, but here i have 2 daughters and I wanted to live with them. all my children’s related work like get ready from school, daily school pick and drop, school fees etc....

My wife never supports me in all this.

All over my wife wanted to get me completely separated from my mother, sister and entire family... How someone can separate from those who supported throughout the life in good or bad. Keeping all this tensions in mind I have started taking Alcohol with my friends whom I worked with.

Later on my eyesight turn very week because of welding, so I left the welding job and start doing other Job and this is a night job and because of it I give less time for family and other works. as I was well disciplined boy because most of my studies I did in hostel St. Martin hostel...there rules and regulations are very strict and I spend many years...Now I stop going Church, prayers etc...

These all tensions are taking me far from all good...

One day 19 FEB 2018, I was decided to finish my life, but God have some great plans for me, I went to my sister place and told her all the problem and tension which I was facing in my Life, I also request her to send me somewhere out for 2 or 3 months, So My sister got me admission in KOTA LIFE CHALLENGE....As I came here, makes me feel like I am restarting my life. Because here again same rules and regulations of how to spend your whole day in positivity and in very spiritual way, like earlier it was in hostel.....


When nobody was ready to help me out, God calls me and hold my hand and gave me the power to transform my life...

Brother Samson who show me the way of true life which I was disconnected with, and it been almost a 2 year now, I've got everything from KOTA LIFE CHALLENGE, Today I am in addiction, and spending blessed life with my children’s and wife...

"Ravi Kumar"

I am from khanpur village Rajasthan. I belong from well fortunate family. When I was 9 years old, Father passed away. I, my mother and grandmother lives together. After Father passed away, I was very disobedient to my family and start taking Alcohol and drugs from my school time.

As time was passing, I've got more into all kind of drugs, also start taking brown sugar.

This drug completely destroyed me; in health and mentally also I involve myself in crime and illegal activities.

Because of addiction, when i unable to arrange drugs, Then I start getting attack (epilepsy). I lose all my physical strength, even can’t walk.

My family was very worried about all what happening.

My family tried all possible ways to keep me away from drugs but couldn't make it possible. My family was going through in very pathetic situation because of my condition, they were seeing me dying.

One day God heard my family prayers and show them a way to get rid of all problems, they brought me to Kota Life Challenge.

I promised them to give me a last chance and told them I will never go back on the addiction path. My family gets me admission in Kota Life Challenge. This center is very supportive in all aspect to me when I was in withdrawal against addiction period, even all staff prayed for me.

Family, staff prayers get answered by I have start fastest recovering in health, spirituality etc. later on when I came into my sense, I also start praying, and following all rules and regulation, then God helped me more and more in this recovery path.

I really want to thank God, and also wants give big thank to Brother Samson Massey, He always present when I need him.

Today I am completely free from addiction, and always I’ll be. Rest of my life I living with my mother happily.

"Shravan Parikh"

I am from khilchi pur (Madhya Pardesh). My mother is social worker. I was good in character and well obedient boy till the 20 years of my age. Also I served in temple and run a shop.

But soon I’ve start liking bad company and slowly I am fully occupied with many friends who take drugs, then I also started taking brown sugar.

After that my life was completely disturbed and whole family was worried about me. My family got me admitted in Drug rehabilitation center in Ujjain, but that treatment wasn’t worked out for long and again I’ve started taking brown sugar.

Again my family convinced me to get admitted at the same place for a long period. I did the same, and then I came out from rehabilitation. After that soon my family got me married before I get relapsed.

I have spending my life happily and also earning well.
My friends again start trying to get closer to me as they all know I am earning well, but one day they were success to put me again into this hell addiction life.

Now I started taking brown sugar daily. After some time I became a Father of baby girl, but in accident my daughter lost her life. I was totally hopeless and disheartened and then I put myself deep in all kind of drugs…

Now my condition is my physics, economy, shop, respect I lose everything in my life.
But my mother came to know about Kota Life Challenge and brought me here and got me admitted in 2013.

I have taken a 5 months treatment in KLC and went back to home and again relapse in 2 months. After few months again I became a father to a baby boy.

I came to KLC again in 2014 to take a treatment for a year; from that day onwards my life has totally changed. Wholeheartedly I’ve accepted the treatment of KLC which includes strict time table, indoor activities, spiritual classes, counseling sessions etc. here also I get a very familiar atmosphere, each one of here is very supportive even I’ve enjoyed my treatment over here, now KLC is like my family.

Specially thanks to Brother Samson, he supports me a lot whenever I need him.

From 2014 till date I am free from addiction and spending a very happy life with my family!!!

"Gandhar - Kakehing (Manipur)"

Praise the Lord, I like to share my testimony with you all as God has given this great opportunity to me.

My Father died when I was about 5 Years Old. I did my schooling in a local Govt. high school and from there I was exposed to all kind of intoxications.

It progressed from one to another until I've started heroine by the end of 1993. Since then I had been a heroine addicted.

I had tried so many things in my life to give - up the addiction of drug, but it was just work for very short time solution and I relapsed again and again. I had been to numbers of drug rehabilitation centers for treatment but it didn't work at all.

I did lost everything in life because of addiction and finally by the middle of 2015, I was into a real bad shape. At this bad phase of life one of my relative suggest me to try Life Challenge program, right away I accepted the suggestion as no option left with me and I came to Kota Life Challenge to get the program.

Today it has been approx. 10 months I am here. It seemed, I have found a new life. For the first time in life, I am feeling so much blissful about life. This is more than what I asked for.

I am being prepared and ready to walk on the path of recovery for the remaining days of my life by the mercy and grace of Lord, Amen!

"Puneet - Kota, Rajasthan"

Praise the Lord, in very small age I put myself into all kind of intoxication, was the time I enjoy doing all this. But as my habits and my age getting older, don't know when it turns into deadly addiction.

My personal, social life and responsibilities all get spoiled, my body too became weak and I have start facing many health issues.

Finally I've started taken brown sugar and to fulfill the requirement of brown sugar even also I put myself into illegal activity and many times went to jail also. All seems finished and my family is near about to end up there life’s.

After some time my father comes to know about Kota Life Challenge, my father brought me here to take the treatment and program of KLC.

I am here from December 2015 and it's been approx. 6 months, and today by the blessing of God I found myself mentally and physically healed.

I pray God will keep all intoxication away from me and I wants to give big thanks to God and KLC, Amen!

"George Harrison - Kekdi, Rajasthan"

My father is a Pastor & am a resident of Kekdi, Rajasthan. For the last 10 years I used to Alcohol.

Because of which my entire life gone astray. My life became unmanageable. I lost my relation ship with family, friends & Society. Many times I have tried to commit suicide.

But God helped me thereafter when I reached Kota Life Challenge. When I reach this centre the first thing that I did was, Surrendered my life in to the mighty hands of Lord our God. This centre help me to fish me out of mire of addiction.

This centre help me to receive the Light from God, in place of Darkness & hopelessness. For this very purpose I thank this centre & Organisers.

Today I am serving this centre as a Training Staff. I celebrate my recovery with my fellow mates.

I'm Saved in the name of Jesus Christ.

Manjoor Ali - Anta, Rajasthan

My age is 38 years. For the last 15 years Iam addicted to Brown Sugar. Because of this addiction all areas of my life are affected. Because of this addiction my rapport with society & family was broken. I lost my Job and financially too.

Many times because of my addiction induced criminal activities police arrested me & imprisoned me many times. My psychology has changed and physically I became so week. This lead me to attempt suicide many times. I really do not know who saved me. At that time in my village a recovery member from Kota Life Challenge introduced me to this centre.

On coming to this place immediately I got relief. I thank my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ a million times. It's our privilege that Life Challenge Centre is in Kota, Rajasthan, which is helping addicts and uplifting them.