Drug Rehabilitation

Drug Rehabilitation

Drug Rehabilitation

Addiction is a powerful enemy to mankind. An addict person cannot fight against addiction alone. Because it is ruthless enemy spread all over the world. In India nearly 72 million people are suffering from addiction as per UNO records and increasing day by day. Addiction not only affects an individual physically but also psychologically, financially & has Social Impacts. This is one of the major reason for increase in Unemployment, Weak Young Generation, Spread of HIV/AIDS etc.

Residential Rehabilitation Centers

We keep patients in our Residential Rehabilitation Center to keep them away from any kind of delusion. Giving them proper Schedules, work therapy and many more to keep them think positively towards their life. To live the life one at a time. Provide them a serenity to think constructively about their future.

Volunteer or intentional treatment

Life Challenge residential centers accept applications from individuals who either volunteer themselves into the program or are admitted to the center by family or friends.

Locked Monitored Facility

The centers will be locked and strictly monitored. Program residents do not have access to money, phones and other personal recreational items.

Physical Exercise

Residents are encouraged to participate in physical activities appropriate to the age & capability.

Social Interaction

Program residents are housed in dorms and learn to live in a community environment. Residents are also required to participate in all center operations, including kitchen duties, facility cleaning & maintenance.

Ibehavior Enhancement

Daily curriculum includes character development and weekly self-assessment that reflect on past behaviors and set achievable future goals.

Mental Development

A structured daily schedule from 5am – 10pm is designed to bring discipline into the residents, a key to mental health. Program also includes daily meditation of life principles. Additionally, memorization is used to renew and develop pathways in the mind.

Spiritual Mentoring

All centers impart spiritual principles through daily meditation & chapel meetings that are part of the schedule. People of all religious & spiritual backgrounds are welcome to Life Challenge.

Music & art Therapy

Residents are encouraged to learn & play music instruments and involve in singing, drama & art while in the program. Opportunities are provided during the daily schedule.

Nutritious Diet

Food provided at the centers follow the Life Challenge prescribed diet chart for addiction treatment to provide a balanced diet which is extremely crucial to prevent relapse.

Family Involvement

Families are required to participate in the addiction recovery process and follow weekend visit schedules to ensure successful rehabilitation of the program resident.

Interested candidates to the Life Challenge program must agree to ALL the above Policies of Treatment before applying.

To bring transformation to individuals & families form the devastation of addiction and its related issues of abuse, poverty, Hiv, crime & violence.

Life Challenge believes that addiction is the greatest enemy of the challenges of this destructive force theough a three - point strategy of :


Actively engage in awar eness efforts to educate families about addiction


Conduct training & certification courses for addiction counse lors & fieId workers


Provode programs & recovery optians to help fartilies who are caught in addiction