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About Us

How and What Kota Life Challenge Does:

Kota Life Challenge Trust is a leading rehabilitation Centre for addiction to alcohol & drugs based in Kota, Rajasthan, India. Our trusted and proficient drug and alcohol Addiction Recovery program is headed by a highly trained De Addiction activist and supported by Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Doctors, Social workers, Spiritual Counsellors and Care takers all with lot of experience in related field.

Our integrated Addiction Recovery program was designed under the sponsorship of the 12 step program internationally accepted and approved by WHO for Treatment of Addiction. By working alongside patients and by taking a holistic approach to individual patient we help them to recover physically, psychologically, emotionally and to gain social acceptance, spiritual wisdom as an ultimate source of recovery which leads them towards Total Recovery.

Our Center accommodated 60 students at a time with plenty of space and amenities. Which includes recreational, counseling, fitness with round the clock assistance.

At Kota Life Challenge we transform the lives of our students with compassion, love, self-realization along with the medical, psychological treatment and education they need to recover from the effects of addiction with the help of Spiritual Wisdom.

Our History:

Brother Samson, the Director of Life Challenge Rehabilitation Centre, Kota is himself a former addict. He was delivered from his addictions in a rehabilitation centre in Banglore. He came to Kota not just with freedom from slavery to addictions, but also with a burden and a fervent desire to help other addicts be liberated from their bondages. So he started working with different organisations to alleviate the suffering that is brought about by addictions in our society. Then, he founded Life Challenge Rehabilitation Centre, Kota in 2019. Since then, he has been instrumental in liberating many a soul from bondage to drugs and alcohol and thus healing many a broken family. His burden is to see the society emancipated from the curse of alcoholism and drugs. Kota Life Challenge is a full-time residential Drug Rehabilitation program that provides successful recovery through mentoring, education, training and Spiritual Guidance.

Our Program Director of Kota Life challenge Br. Samson Massey hail from a Christian family.He was brought up in a healthy Christian environment. He had finished his studies well and worked in reputed companies. He also started his personal business and was living a blessed life, but then he fall prey to bad company and started taking drugs. He also got involved in criminal activities. He was imprisoned a number of times. He lost his money, business, reputation, health and friends & his life became hell. As he was struggling for deliverance, Jitender Nath Sir advised him and then he went to De-Addiction Center. He recovered there, He came back home all healthy. Glory to God who delivered him from bondage!

Sohan Massey Sir, helped benevolently to setup this center financially and all other possible sources. Since then, hundreds of patients have taken our services and a great number of them recovered completely as they took our recovery course seriously and stayed with us as long as they should have. Some of them are even serving other addicts.